John the Werewolf (darkblood777) wrote,
John the Werewolf

SimTower: Architectural Mayhem a Hundred Stories Up

I finally beat SimTower, which was installed in my Windows 3.1 emulator running in a DOSbox on my Windows 7 laptop. Due to the technical limitations of the game (i.e. having a limited number of stairs and elevator shafts to place in my tower) I couldn't keep my tenants happy enough for them to stay in their offices. So I took the bullhead tactic by building offices as fast as I could and knocking rent prices down faster than they could move out. And eventually I managed to score 15,000 tenants in my hideous monolith of a tower so I slapped the cathedral on the 100th floor and called it a day.

Anyway, here's a review I wrote of it.

SimTower: Architectural Mayhem a Hundred Stories Up

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